Thursday, January 28, 2010

WSJ = Opinion Journal - Thur - 1-28-10
WSJ = Telling ALL what Obama did WRONG TODAY. More Doom and Gloom from those that want to destroy him.
WSJ = "

Staying the Course

The same agenda in more humble clothes."

Obama should KNOW by now, that the GOP will NEVER help him.


The State of the Union Is No 'Reset' Button

Presidential ratings usually drop after the speech.

More - Nothing will work - from Karl Rove.

We ALL Know Karl - He is the one that HELPED
Bush get us in the MESS WE ARE IN.

The Spending 'Freeze' That Isn't

Since 2008, the ratio of outlays-to-GDP has risen by about 14%."

The WSJ should call this - The Spending Freeze
won't work either -
in OUR opinion

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